Young adventurer and Struggle of the soul (photoshop digital paintings)

Swamp (photoshop digital painting)

''Seance'' (black and white pastels on paper)

''Dofus fan art'' (photoshop digital painting)

Rabbit life (photoshop digital painting)

Fairy flowers (Photoshop digital painting)

 Digital painting for Aji tei Contest (feat Alessandro Chirico)

...Floats (digital painting, photoshop)

This is the cover book of ''Io e Pinocchio'' 
You can find some illustrations I made for Titivillus publisher inside

illustration from "Fiabe italiane" by Italo Calvino(water colours and pencils)

  This illustration has been selected as poster for the "Festival delle colline"
 "Gallo Cristallo"by Italo Calvino (water color and pen)

Digital painting "The fox and the grapes"

Puss in boots, Acrilics painting

"Il Mondo di Rodari" Gli uomini di tabacco, acrylic painting

Illustration for 3°Biennale dell'illustrazione di Colmurano