''come here little frog!''


people in Hamburg

Buster the Rooster, character visual development (blue pencil on paper)

Bearded mermaids, sketches on paper 

shapes study ( watercolors and pastels)

sketches (marker on papaer)

sketches on the train (pen and marker on paper)

people (watercolors and pastels on paper)

concept development for Farm backgrounds

Fishes (watercolors on paper)

kiss (pastels on paper)

mermaids (pastels on paper, photoshop lineart)

Faces and creatures sketches
(blue watercolor pencil on peper)

''Larve'' Background sketch for videogame

Mermaids chaos (marker and pastels)

some people sketches (pencils, pen on paper) 

Some sketches done during the CTN Expo

Some friends during the workshop with Stephen Silver at Nemo Academy

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