Latest works

This is a spot I've done with my partner Alessandro Chirico commissioned by the super talented guys at Neko Productions


Poster I did for "Bastogi Sport"

Comic stripe I did for ''Corriere Fiorentino'' and

I had the pleasure to work on "THE DAVINCIBLES" 
a cartoon series produced by Zodiak, Rai, Moonscoop and Cartobaleno 

This is the opening of ''THE QPIZ'', Tv series 52x3' Italy/India 

Rai Gulp, Zodiak Active, Cartobaleno
I worked on  Flash preproduction

illustration for Kids by Mukki
this is the link

Concept art for ''Sgrunt!'' (educational videogame for kids)

Ipad application "Nanny Lalla" by Fueps
this is the link to one of the app
Follow the links there if you want to have a look to the others apps related to Nanny Lalla.

Video Sample

Design I made for kids collection ''Elsy fashion''